Smarter access to things in high demand.

Remember way back before the internet, when fans could “camp out” for tickets they really wanted?

Now that showed passion, motivation & commitment!

Imagine replicating this experience for your fans online, only this time you are able to virtually walk up to each & every fan with a clipboard & ask anything you (or your sponsors) want.

Imagine creating the fairest online queuing system in the world; one that leverages, manages & monetizes demand.

We did. So we built it. And we gamified it.



eQueue is a unique way to engage users and prioritize demand. It works by virtually camping out for registered fans and then gives access to those who deserve it most, by way of a daily ‘check-in’.



Each ‘check-in’ results in over 5 minutes engagement per user, creating a novel form of data collection. eQueue gamifies the process, generating rich, meaningful and honest data.



eQueue is an evolution in online research. It’s like holding multiple one-on-one conversations with users, all at the same time. Self-selected samples of passionate fans, early adopters and brand advocates.

Queuing Theory

...and "camping out" for stuff online

eQueue was conceived when one of the founders attempted to purchase tickets to a popular event and endured twelve hours of website crashes in order to do so. We went about solving one problem (congestion online when something popular goes on sale) and in turn, we have created a platform that generates rich, opinion-based (non-random, self selected) data, prior to sale.

We wanted to replicate a fair offline process (“camping out” for stuff), online and this is how it works:


1. Users register their place in the queue (‘in line’)

eQueue registration works just like a competition entry. Over 69% of users will return to complete at least one ‘check-in’.


2. Users ‘check-in’ periodically to advance their priority status

Users can see where they are in line and schedule their own ‘check-ins’. Each ‘check-in’ equals one opinion.



3. Those who ‘check-in’ on time are ranked ahead of others

The frequency and accuracy of ‘check-ins’ are taken into account to provide the fairest basis for prioritization.

eQueue is used to engage and enhance databases, providing fair access to popular events, products and services…not just tickets. The ‘check-in’ process is central to eQueue’s method of prioritization and incorporates fundamental values that extend from queuing theory research.

Introducing CheckinLine:

eQueue’s international brand for Sports, Ticketing & Social




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